Spezial Bau Nigeria Ltd built for SPOG Petrochemicals a Truck – Park for 120 Trucks, with a 5 Lane Mantainment Workshop, Office Space, Cafeteria, and a Mega Filling – Station, with Restaurant and Supermart.

SPOG Petrochemicals was incorporated in October 2005 as a private limited liability company. We are a wholly indigenous and fully capitalized energy and derivatives company engaged in integrated commercial activities in the downstream sub-sector of the oil and gas industry. Capitalizing on investment opportunities created by the deregulation and liberalization policy of the Nigerian central government, we secured authorized dealership in the downstream sub-sector of the oil and gas industry.

The ambit of her core operations covers energy marketing and consultancy bordering on the sourcing, procurement, importation, marketing, and distribution of petroleum products. For the sake of specialization, we concentrate on energy consultancy and the marketing and distribution of petroleum products and aim to achieve a leading brand status in the downstream sector while commanding enthusiastic patronage.


Client: SPOG Petrochemicals
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

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