Our Services

Spezial Bau Nigeria is a game-changing, innovative construction company which always aims to exceed its clients’ expectations. We treat every project as a flagship for our client, no matter its scale.

We have a range of specialist skills to offer including:

Building Contracting



Construction Management

Project Management

Design Management

Our flexibility enables us to handle a wide variety of projects under diverse project structures and contracting methodologies, leading many of our clients to retain us as their preferred contractor. Spezial Bau Nigeria also prides itself in being able to work in what are often complex, live environments, to tight deadlines and within budget. 

How We Work

Spezial Bau Nigeria consistently achieves superior results by working as a team and harnessing the full potential of each individual. Team members are equipped with cutting-edge tools that significantly enhance productivity and the quality of our work. The company has achieved ISO18001, ISO14001and ISO9001accreditation. Staff are required to work to a high standard at all times, thereby ensuring a quality product offering to our clients.

Spezial Bau Nigeria has the flexibility and expertise to deliver and complete complex projects on time and within budget. This is achieved by:

  • Involving our Directors personally in each project, from start to finish.
  • Establishing clear and constructive communication between our on-site teams, construction managers, and directors.
  • Selecting teams with diverse project experience, capable of working in a multitude of environments.
  • Working closely with the design teams to evolve the design and facilitate construction.
  • Ensuring we fully understand the client brief for each project and embrace the vision of our client.
  • Following “Best Practice” standards of construction.

No matter how complex the project, we tailor each approach to the individual needs of the client.